*insert creativity disc*
I'm CJ or choco-java.
I'm an art student in the College of Fine Arts, UP Diliman. And this blog is mostly RP arts, original arts and fandom arts (lately a lot of DMMD). Thank you for visiting~!

I need my patience in drawing back but then again my wrist still hurts from Tuesday’s linoleum carving. o(-<

Noiz doodle because of reasons



NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


I really want to try this!

(Source: fallenzephyrart)

Ehhh—… I don’t really—…like this palette.. e3e;;

The colors are too near each other

note to self: no more landscape orientation for tumblr

wow what are art

the simpler times when we made pool jokes..



I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

hello, i am bored help me out. o)-<

refer to my list of fandoms so you know which I’d entertain.

color palette experiments also im enjoying this style