*insert creativity disc*
I'm CJ or choco-java.
I'm an art student in the College of Fine Arts, UP Diliman. And this blog is mostly RP arts, original arts and fandom arts (lately a lot of DMMD). Thank you for visiting~!

color palette experiments also im enjoying this style

I did this disgustingly fast, wow..

Art meme trade thingy with Bun

here’s the original, i picked this one because it has three things i love, Jade, pretty dresses and flowers

KouAo doodle because I forgot how to draw my own characters.

more kou-bby doodles

draw Clear. pleaseeee!!!
I might end up draw all boyfriends and Aoba. o)-<

Kou-bby doodle for his birthday

Tigerlily doodle because wow what is sleep anymore

painting doodle

I should go to sleep. o)-<

DH: Event 5 (Justice Arcana) by choco-java